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    Running is Life: How Training, Injury, and Training Again Can Make You Stronger

    The day I decided to be a runner was the day we left our apartment and life in Florida (with my husband flying out of FLL) and I drove 4 hours with three kids and a dog to the north to embark on what would be a 3 month trip and transition to living in the Philadelphia area.  The day I decided to be a runner I drank a bottle of wine. The day I decided to be a runner?  I probably should not have been making any decisions other than how to walk a dog & take kids to the bathroom singlehandedly at the rest area along the Florida…

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    Gratitude & Celebrating

    My Birthday:   Gratitude & Celebrating   Yes, thank you. More, please. These words have become the mantra, prayer, wise words, and gentle request of one of my closest friends. She utters them when things get a little difficult, urging herself to recognize that the challenges of one day or week are only making her stronger and more capable to handle the future.  She shouts them with joy when joyful things are happening or when life is full of mundane. Because the mundane is actually just stillness and life needs that too. When I call her, to complain or laugh, to celebrate or cry, she repeats them to me: Yes,…

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    Do the Thing

    I’ve often wondered how to “come back” to this space.  In my head, I imagine it to go very much like a couple of long-lost friends bumping into each other at Starbucks (not that you’d find me there any more. You know. Saving money & all.)  Something kind of like this: You:  “Hiiiiiiiii-eee!  How are you? It’s been so long since I’ve seen you!  How’s the family? Mmmhmm.  That’s fantastic!” In between I’d calmly and sort of awkwardly answer: “Hiii. So good to see you! I’m great thanks. You? It has been awhile. A really long while. The family’s good- kids are growing and we’ve moved. Yes, definitely fantastic.” And then you’d…